Intra-cultural theater


Furno book

Intra- Cultural Theater: Performing the Life of Black Migrants to Italy

by Raffaele Furno

VDM Verlag, 2010; pp. 1-198

The book is an investigation on intra-ethnic relations in Italy. Through the analysis of the Afro- Romagnole theater group Teatro delle Albe, the discussion traces the historic and cultural threads that have brought whiteness and blackness in contact with one another. Using performance as a methodological and a theoretical tool, Furno’s analysis addresses the political management of the migratory process between Africa and Italy, the media representation of migration as a national emergency, and the hidden racism of Italian public discourse. Against this backdrop, the intra-cultural activity of Teatro delle Albe opens spaces of self- determination, dialogically engaging in and through theater-making the richness of cultural and ethnic encounters.

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