Differences on Stage

Alessandra De Martino, Paolo Puppa, Paola Toninato

Differences on Stage

Edited by Alessandra De Martino, Paolo Puppa and Paola Toninato.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013; pp. 1-281.

Differences on Stage is a collection of twelve original essays by leading international theatre critics and scholars, which aims to address the relationship between theatre and the development of political awareness through the voice of subaltern people. The book is enriched by the contributions of some of the most engaged protagonists of the stage, who, in their capacity as authors, players and directors denounce prejudice and conformism whilst allowing the marginalized sections of society to speak out. An authoritative overview of the theatre of differences, this book offers a key interpretation of contemporary society and underscores that, although theatre no longer holds a central position in our multi-media society, the theatre of marginalized spaces ironically becomes central again and regains its role as the brain and lungs of the community. Differences on Stage covers a variety of topics across a multi-cultural and geographical spectrum, and its contributions present previously unexplored connections between the discourses of theatre and anthropological, cultural and translation studies, offering new critical readings, and drawing on recent theoretical frameworks.

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